Hello I’m Diane Axent

Although I live here on Canada’s beautiful east coast, I was not always a Bluenose Maritimer.  In the fall of 1971 I left a beloved hometown, not finishing my college education, and rode west into an unknown frontier.  A first-generation Canadian going after the same thrill of a new beginning as my father, Alec Axent, had when off a boat from Europe his young foot stepped onto a Halifax Pier.  Little did he know then that his new adventure would eventually include me.  He’d come from the Ukraine in the 40’s with his mother and his 2 siblings, Eleanor and George.  With spirit strength and brave hearts, nothing would ever hold them down for long.

My red-haired Italian boyfriend, who I would not marry as promised, captured my heart with possibilities and somehow his dreams became mine.  Car top off, my long hair blowing in Lake Superior winds, his ’69 silver Corvette with our Boler trailer in tow took to the northern highway heading out of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

We called a Vancouver trailer park home through cold and rainy winter months until we bought a house on Horseshoe Bay and believed we had found our paradise.  Complete with its own park, tennis court, fish pond in the yard, BC Ferry fog horns out on the water and lush coastal cliffs that sprouted odd looking Sycamore Trees.

On lovely British Columbia shores with a magnificent Pacific Ocean and endless rolls of surf, our dreams of happy ever after crumbled.  A new reality surfaced.  Only 22, yet I’d discovered my parents’ old-country strength in me – saying that in order to survive such a life shattering experience I would have to immediately change my perspective.

“Who was I really?”


My life described in one word.  Changeable.  Yes, that is right.  I’m proof that to live a life, not just get through one, means maneuvering it with a faith-driven confidence.

Faith in everything – that you’ll always be open to learning no matter how hard it seems – that you must own your choices and you’ll make better ones as you know different – that you will have endless heartbreaks but will heal – that you’ll love because you can and must seek to receive peace and rejuvenation in all your resting places.

If something was not a good experience for me, then the only way to change my result was to change the circumstances. It didn’t mean I had to flip flop my character at every pot hole in my way.  Just the opposite – I wanted a spiritual and fundamentally progressive life.  One in which health and love-based living required the art of being changeable without sacrificing positive beliefs, personal integrity and morals.  So when life asks me; “Diane, are you ready to make this next change now?” I will always try.  I believe everything turns out as it should.  It has until now and I’m counting on my faith-filled confidence reminding me I could survive yet another change.


Character Testimonials

“Although you did not officiate my wedding I would not hesitate to tell anyone looking for that special person that “You’re it!” She is genuine, loving, compassionate and down to earth and can turn anyone’s frown upside down. Diane is articulate, professional and a true friend to all humanity. You will not be disappointed in choosing this extraordinary lady. Look no further.”

-Kellie Thibideau Francis


“I want to give you a testimony just for being you! Because you are one of the smartest, kindest, sweetest ladies I have ever met. You rescued me at a time I needed rescuing and for that I will always be thankful and grateful. You are the sweetest of all sweetness and thank you for being you.”

-San’teles Meuse


“You have a way about you that brings out the best in people. I am more than thrilled to have had the chance to get to know you and it is always my pleasure – I very much appreciate you.”