Diane Axent is a Wedding Officiate provincially appointed as An Administrative Justice of the Peace for the province of Nova Scotia (since 2007)

Mr. & Mrs. Troy and Jennifer Lane July 21, 2012 Digby County, Nova Scotia

Your Civil Wedding Ceremony is a significant life event that can add new depth and meaning to your everyday life. When a couple enter into their marriage relationship they are applying their personal handprint to what they believe their marriage will signify for them. Their wedding experience will be an exquisite moment in time – a couple’s priceless milestone from which they will move forward as partners.

Wedding days are never forgotten. But the actual ceremony itself, with all that is said and done under the direction and execution of a JP, can leave a lasting impression on the couple and their guests.

Whatever your ceremony wish is, even if you’re not sure what you want when you start the script process, an experienced story-teller, event organizer and dynamic presenter will get it right.  You need abundant samples, suggestions, input through personal experiences and enough opportunity to see your own ideas and possibilities brought to reality. With such quality input and attention to detail, your wedding will set itself apart from just ordinary to being extraordinary – a event people will talk about for years to come.

After enough meetings done by computer, phone or in person, all information gathered will result in an individual unique ceremony created exactly as you wished. One you will approve every word of prior to your day. Some couples plan their wedding for years while others book and are married within days. Your marriage is 100% confidential unless otherwise noted and can be carried out at a location of your choice or in the private home of your JP.

Ceremony favorites are:

Unity candle lighting, unity wine pouring, unity flask content blending, ancient tradition of ribbon or cord hand fastening, jump the broom, keepsake box you put things in then seal (in the ceremony) for future sharing, tie the knot fisherman ceremony, plant a tree, throw wishing pebbles, release something, passing the rings, parents & children get involved, music and speakers – the ideas are endless – the styles are, too

Whether you live in Nova Scotia, Canada or come from away, Diane Axent invites you to come celebrate with her, the wedding of your dreams. She’s a multitalented accomplished woman who brings to the wedding experience a joyful enthusiasm and down-to-earth qualities that will instantly put all those involved with your ceremony at ease. As a writer and story teller, it’s guaranteed you’re in for a quality experience.

With Diane’s decades of event organizing and entrepreneurial experience, exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, she’s a natural as a Wedding Officiate.

Wedding Testimonials

“Thank you again for a wonderful ceremony. It was just perfect.”

Janice & John


“​Being the owner of Su Ben B&B, Little Brook, we had the pleasure of having Diane Axent perform a wedding in my B&B house. Words cannot express how this gentle wonderful lady goes through a ceremony. She is the best JP anyone can ever get, for any type of ceremony, so professional, so warm and compassionate. My wedding couple was really happy with my choice of a JP for them. Thank you Diane, and bless you.”

-Renette LeBlanc Cormier


“Being a couple who were more than excited to begin our new lives together, our Justice of the Peace, Diane Axent, was so patient with us. She was kind, caring, professional, took what we wanted into consideration and then worked with us so we could realize the dream of our perfect wedding day at Point Prim Lighthouse, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Even as the mist came in off the Bay of Fundy, we have her to thank for the perfect memories we made that day.”

-Bill & Crystal Manual


“We wanted someone to take the time to understand us as a couple and listen to what we were looking for in 
terms of our ceremony. We were not disappointed. Diane worked with us to create the perfect ceremony and delivered it beautifully. In Mahone Bay, at a B&B on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, Diane traveled the distance to share in our wedding. She laughed and cried with us but most importantly united us in a memorable ceremony created just for us. Her soft spoken manner and obvious love of what she does was conveyed perfectly that day and we will be forever grateful.”

-Deanna & Reid Ross


“Diane Axent handled our wedding with confidence and experience – from the meetings to the ceremony we felt very fortunate to have her officiating our marriage. She helped us shape our ceremony in a personal fashion that suited our style and vision for the proceedings. Diane brings joy and understanding to what can be a very hectic and stressful event. We will always cherish the memory of our wedding day and cannot thank her enough for the work she put into making that memory unforgettable.”

-Peter & Nicole Lockerbie