give your feathered friends the boot


Diane Axent uses her creative eye and unique imagination throughout her business career and artistic mediums. “I consider myself a natural business entrepreneur at heart with an edge on creative doing and thinking outside the box. It’s been a gift that has never lost its value and importance on me – and made my life fun.”

She continues to take every opportunity in life to express creative perspectives. While sharing tea in her friend Verilea’s breezeway she happened to notice a dull brown boot with a roof awkwardly attached. That’s all it took to inspire a new medium for makeovers that are now Birdhouse Bootie history.


While there is nothing predictable about her painting style, the supply on old boots kicking around is predictably endless.

After that first prize winning art bootie came to life with an old boot transforming itself into a one of a kind Birdhouse Bootie, it has been rumored hundreds have since found their way around the world. They’ve been used as Provincial fundraisers and for local Outreach Programs for countless benefactors that could use her generous support. Sold as you see them in her towns local flower shop, the artist welcomes personal Birdhouse Bootie inquires.


Your laugh at the whimsical side of life comes compliments of old boots that hang in trees, sit on home mantels, welcome visitors and have been known to surprisingly kick around in creative places of their new owners.



Birdhouse Booties was a 1st place contest winner and its story, written by Diane, was published in Nova Scotia’s Yuletide Magazine.