Shoes on Tour – But where are they now?


“Don’t give your shoe the boot, Axent your soles,” says refurbishing artist, Diane Axent.

Artsy designs on a gently used pair of high heel stilettos are now show-offs making a statement about how people, careers and objects can be reinvented. A crazy but true story!

This fun pair of shoes has women talking about when they also went step over step in shoes that traveled countless miles, and like them, had many lives.

Originally a light tan color; painted fancy now and on a long road trip which the original plan was to visit one Canadian home at a time.

It has been recorded the shoes box
that started its trip from Digby, Nova Scotia
got lost heading out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Their BC Host, Fanny Guterres, says she passed them on to be delivered yet their destination in Toronto, Ontario has yet to receive them. Endless calls and a serious falling out of all communication have changed Sassy Steps into a cold case. Maybe their last Host will find them via Diane’s trusted “I’ll deliver them for you” friend, Fanny. An eternal optimist, Diane is hopeful the shoes will walk into our lives again. Even if they’ve been wandering or hidden for years, they will be welcomed by their next Host or get rerouted back in Nova Scotia for a fresh new start.

If anyone knows of the touring shoes whereabouts please speak up. Diane will travel to retrieve them or pay the postage to see them get back on their Canadian road trip again. People are hopeful and say they’d still like to see the shoes go to foreign Hosts in other parts of the world. Canada then the world! Wow – they sure do have a true worldwide following!

If you have any information leading to their where-a-bouts, please contact us immediately.

Erica named her mother’s recycled art shoes, Sassy Steps, which indeed they are. Sassy and wearable if you dare! Complete with their own Adventure Travel Documents signed by elected Nova Scotia Politicians and appointed Community Leaders who supported what the shoes had stepped out to do.

Digby, Nova Scotia is showcasing its rural sector as a place where good things happen, visitors are welcome, minds are easily inspired, soles have soul and people are loads of fun!

Shoes have a travel binder of instructions suggesting they might be a hoot as party wear, go to lunch, kick it up around the office or show off on a door stoop. Maybe they’ll be the sole in a shoe story, do day trips, attend a class or be a special dinner guest. Their potential for fun is endless and ideas will come with a “how to pull it off” set of instructions plus guest handouts.

Each Host will receive promotional gifts provided by the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, a shoe gift from their refurbishing artist and eventually a copy of the finished book documenting priceless memories of their Canadian adventure shared around the world.

Anyone can submit a story for the book. You don’t have to be a writer and a submission guide will be provided. Permission is required for your story to be included in the “Sassy Steps on Tour” book being published at tours end.

“Since 1992 I have had countless opportunities to reinvent myself as a result of receiving many life-saving pacemaker implants. The Sassy Steps on Tour project wants to help those who have been changed by heart disease. It will give 50% of book sale profits to The Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation.”